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selecting & developing great sales talent

In the past 20 years we have assisted many sales focused organisations through growth and change. Whether your hiring or developing your sales team, we have the assessment tools that have been tried and tested. 

Our company has researched, found and represent the best-in-class assessments. There is proven reliability and validity studies that support the work we do. 


Sales and sales management are unique positions that require unique assessments. Our Sales Success Predictor for small and medium sized companies is highly accurate. It is a hiring requirement with many of our clients. 

Our WPI Sales Position Match program is a perfect tool to assess your successful reps, and job match all new candidates against the preferred profiles. We measure 17 traits and benchmark your unique sales success DNA. 


Give us a call us, and we can review the assessments to help you better hire and coach your team of sales professionals.  



The people behind the scenes helping you choose the right candidate


Over the phone or online

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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